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Author Topic: Jenkins Errors when opening session w/ automation of Oberheim  (Read 8049 times)


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Jenkins Errors when opening session w/ automation of Oberheim
« on: October 28, 2015, 05:05:32 pm »
Here's my issue: I used to have a PC work machine where I have a lot of working sessions. I recently purchased a Mac and have ported all my files over to the Mac.

I am using Protools HD 10 and I have updated the arturia plugs on both the PC and Mac.

Whenever I open a session on the Mac that was made on the PC using the Oberheim & automation of many parameters I get a string of /jenkins/.... errors. One of them says 'hotfixv4' and others say all sorts of stuff that I forget.

I am unable to open up a lot of sessions I am working on and I feel like I've spent more time simply trying to get the arturia plug-ins to play nice than I have spent working on things, its very frustrating.

If I create a new session on the Mac and use the Oberheim and automate parameters etc etc close and then reopen - i have no issues. The problem seems to arise only when I am dealing w/ older sessions that were created on the PC.

Here is what I have tried:
I have tried creating a blank session on the PC, importing the track w/ the oberheim to that session. Then I create a brand new track and add the Oberheim Plug-in.  Browse to the saved user preset of the imported one and then copy all automation data from the old imported track to the brand new created one. Delete the old imported track. Save & Close. Port the session to the mac of JUST the oberheim. Opening this session on the Mac- i get the errors.

I have tried creating a session w/ no automation and just the based default preset of the oberheim on the PC. save & Close -> port to mac, no problems.

I have also done the 1st thing but all within the confines of the mac - make a new session and try to import the Oberheim track from the session that has the problems - on import, i get the jenkins error messages.

Obviously i do NOT have a problem w/ the oberheim in standalone mode but standalone is useless to me as the issue is with current working sessions for myself and clients. This is a HUGE pain and creating a huge loss for me as the solution isnt simply "re-draw/play all the automation" as that will take hours upon hours.


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