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Author Topic: Just got one yesterday, here's my feedback.  (Read 2770 times)


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Just got one yesterday, here's my feedback.
« on: October 15, 2015, 05:40:05 pm »
I think in concept it's a great little device, and maybe the question I should ask first is should I stick with it?

I've played with it for probably more than 12 hours straight yesterday, so that could be a testament to the amount of fun that could be had, but there are somethings that have really griped me with it, to the point of wanting to return it.

First point would be BSP crashed twice yesterday, once saying a message like B_3 or B-p in the LED screen and freezing, 2nd time it just froze completely and wouldn't respond, I'm not sure if I was using it too hard jk, but you'd expect a product to be able to handle it's normal basic operation, especially if it's suppose to be the centre of a live rig, I've gone from Laptop performance to analog to get away from crashes.

Second point would be ties aren't recorded when using the keys, say for instance we are recording and using the chromatic keys, if you were to hold down a note it doesn't record the note off when you release the key, it only records one seq blip.

Third point, and I have to commend your effort on burying this in the manual, "The pads do not map to the scale you selected" just the knobs, which is kinda stupid as I guess you already have a table of numbers for scales, and even the chroma keys are mapped differently to the actual way the notes are laid out, ie bottom row is actually chromatic notes, so you had to rearrange them for the piano layout, damn it just do that with scales as well. Is this a feature Arturia will put in?

Fourth point, Roller/Looper A) Goes out of time with swing, B)sometimes gets lost from original sequence once released and repeats only a fraction of the bar, until you stop start it again, sometimes that doesn't work. Once is bearable for live, stop/start in time to get things back in sync, but twice in a row and it's taking the piss.

Fifth point, there's no obvious way to remap the pads in control mode to a different channel, you'd expect it to work like the other three channels, but if you press chan while on control mode for some reason it seems to spit midi out to the drum channel regardless of the channel/button selected, which isn't ideal if you want to use the pads in ctrl mode for something inside Ableton and don't want to hear the drum sounds from a module plugged in.

Sixth point, Korg Volca Sample doesn't like the clock out with a midi cable or mini jack to mini jack, doesn't work with any of the settings in Midi Control centre 1step, ppq 24, ppq 48. So to anyone out there thinking this is a good way to sync up your Volca boxes, doesn't seem to work with the clock out, also tried sending it drum trigger pulses, trying suggested settings, to equally rubbish results.

Seventh point, the probability function seems to have no regard for triplet timing, not a major issue, seems ok up to around 30% using liberally at the end of phrase, quick up and quick down, but if you're in triplets and go to 100% it's not in triplets anymore.

Eighth point, nearly forgot about this one, when playing the keyboard notes, piano mode or whatever there seems to be a double knock, an extra note on message that double teams my synth and sounds shite 100% of the time. 

I road tested this thing, if it's gonna be the centre of a live show you wanna be able to rely on every function to work exactly the way intended, I'm glad I tested it this hard to find out the kinks, I think there might be more flaws in the design than the creators let on and doesn't seem as robust as the marketing makes out.

I'd like to know if the creators are going to address any of these issues, as I don't think I can rely on it's intended functionality. Is it worth sticking around for a firmware update? Or cut my losses and get a refund?


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Re: Just got one yesterday, here's my feedback.
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2015, 11:36:46 pm »
Hi I am new here as well and my experience was similar to yours with the BSP though I did not get as in depth as you did so your detailed post will be helpful to many. I did get the error messages mine had an error that was "od" which I thought was both amusing and funny. But it did freeze a few times and also freeze the gear I had attached to it and I would have to reboot the whole thing and my synth. After coming here to the forum I was advised to upgrade the firmware so if you have not done so give that a try and see how that goes.
    when I was using it and it stayed stable which meant I would have to avoid the looper altogether it was a load of fun and I love the over all concept. After some use I got long sustained notes which I had not played/programmed and they would just drone and sustain until I rebooted.
 I updated the firmware but at the end of the "successful" update and with nothing attached but the usb to my laptop, the second time I hit the looper it went into od ::) I think it was actually od6 if I remember correctly.
    I returned it to the store looking  for a replacement but they only had open box ones so I just got a refund with the intent of buying a sealed box new one at a later time. I explained all this to the store salesman who was great with me. Now to be fair to the BSP and for what it's worth the salesman called me the next day saying they had my unit hooked up to a computer and had been playing around with it "all day" and that it had worked "flawlessly"
  I do miss it even though I spent so little time with it and have been hanging around this forum to see how things develop but ultimately releasing a product with so many issues has me sitting on the sidelines at the moment though I find the business strategy of releasing something like this and then going on "holiday" as I read in one of the responses from arturia quite riveting so I am following along and hoping they can get the BSP to a point were I can buy it again because I do think it can and should be as great as it is supposed to be so I wish Arturia all the best on this as they do seem like good people and a good company. 
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Re: Just got one yesterday, here's my feedback.
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2015, 01:04:04 pm »
I'm just finding the every time I try to record a sequence by playing live using its own pads, it messes up the sequence.

It MIGHT get the starting note, but won't program in the ties for the length I held the note.

It OFTEN misses notes completely. This may be because I haven't stopped pressing one pad before I hit the next, but surely that's so,etching that can be fixed in rpogramming.

It does NOT play what is lit up on the screen, ie, I might, after repeated loops have convinced it to play and hold a note for 8 beats, but those 7 steps after the first are not lit up. Only the first one.

Then there's the clicking noise it induces from my little phatty until I restart it. The weird random notes it produces on the fly, and the crashing.

I do not see any improvements on the beat step. That is what concerns me so much, they had so long to get this right. But essentially the ONLY way I can sequence with it is by step by step turning each knob.which is a serious pain in the ass and I'd have NEVER bought it if that was in the advertisements.


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Re: Just got one yesterday, here's my feedback.
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2015, 07:43:06 pm »
BSP owner here who accidentally kept my unit more than 30 days.

The truth is BSP's firmware is hot garbage, it only take a few minutes looking around the forum to figure this out. Without a significant upgrade to the firmware or Arturia allowing outsiders to have a go at it this product is essentially a deadend.

That said the potential here, at the price point, is amazing and I think that is why so many are interested. If Arturia can figure out the firmware or open source it I think the BSP will eventually be an amazing tool. Until then return the damn thing and save yourself the money, time, and heartache. 


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