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Author Topic: [SOLVED]Sequences randomly shifting between FORWARD, REVERSE and ALTERNATE.  (Read 1332 times)


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Well, I've had a good run with the BSP since release and really haven't experienced any of the issues that others seem to be experiencing.

However, after turning it on this afternoon and attempting to record some sequences, I've noticed some incredibly odd and frustrating behavior.

Basically, any saved sequence or any sequence that I'm in the process of recording actively (and randomly) bounces alternately between FORWARD, REVERSE and ALTERNATE and also stalls completely on notes randomly. I can tell as I'm playing back a saved sequence while holding down SHIFT, I can see the sequence direction lights flashing between the three settings at random intervals.

Not only this, but sometimes it won't even advance the sequence after hitting PLAY. It will sound the first note and never advance.

Moreover, it has also begun to freeze entirely mid sequence.....like the entire machine. It suddenly just won't respond to any button press.

Is there any sort of factory reset?

This is incredibly frustration and has rendered my BSP almost entirely unusable.

I've confirmed the following:

1) It's running on firmware
2) SYNC is set to internal, though it does this even when slaved to an external CLK.
3) Randomness and Probability are both set to ZERO for global and current track.
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