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Author Topic: 2 bugs when slaved to Logic Pro X which ruin it for me  (Read 1941 times)


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2 bugs when slaved to Logic Pro X which ruin it for me
« on: August 23, 2015, 01:47:38 am »
the latest firmware:

1) you can't start the sequence from
When slaved to LPX, BeatStep Pro generates MMC commands when started externally:
 that is, upon receiving MIDI Start command BSP generates outgoing MMC Stop  command as if I pressed its 'Stop' button.
Why MMC Stop: Looks like BSP wants to do internal Stop and then Start at the bar boundary. However, the firmware code issues MMC commands no matter if it was started from its own buttons or externally, which is obviously wrong. It should only send MMC commands when user presses transport buttons, never when controlled externally.

A workaround: always start a sequence from or whatever: loop your project, so pressing Stop will always reset time to the loop start, not the deadly

However, DONT start the sequence from the Master, only from BSP, because when the Master issues an MMC command, BSP generates one on its own, and they both enter the MMC message loop. The sequence will jump around your starting point, and it will be tricky to stop it, because you'll have to fit your key press at the right time in this MMC loop.

2) sometimes, after a couple of cycles of start/playback/stop BSP stops responding to incoming USB MIDI Clock. So the BSP sequencers cease to run, and it stops generating clock on its outputs. Switching sync modes does not help. Looks like the firmware enters some clocking limbo: internal clocking works, but USB slave does not unless the device is power cycled.

Workaround: when composing: save. power off. power on. When playing live: pray it won't happen. better not press stop, but i'm not that sure.

Both bugs are reported to Arturia.
The first one is definitely incorrect code + lousy testing. The second one looks like state corruption.
Hopefully they will fix it and do not break anything else.

If/when it will work properly it would be a wonderful device and I will even consider getting a second one.
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