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Author Topic: Midi channel per drumpad. Workaround with midipipe. (Volca Sample)  (Read 2830 times)


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My BSP to VOLCA SAMPLE workaround with midipipe:

Why this? I like using my Volca Sample as drum rack. The problem is: every sample has an own midi channel. Until there might be a patch for BSP (i wish there was), this is my workaround (MacOSx).

What it does: Buttons 1-10 of my BSP drum rack control buttons 1-10 of my volca sample. Velocity value is converted to "level" value on my volca sample.

1) Connect BeatStepPro (USB). Open MidiControlCenter:
- device settings -> drum map -> chromatic
- Drum send midi channel -> 1
2) download midipipe (http://www.subtlesoft.square7.net/MidiPipe.html) and install
3) open midipipe: On the left you see possible tools, on the right is your pipe. Double click on tools to get them into your pipe. Then select them in the tube to change options.
4) this is my Pipe:
- midi in: select "Arturia Beatstep Pro - Arturia Beatstep Pro" (when connected via usb) or your interface midi in (when connected via midi)
- channel filter: deselect everything except channel 1 (or whatever channel you chose for "drum send midi channel" in MCC). open channel = white, filtered channel = grey
- keyboard split: move msg ABOVE B2 to channel 1 (if you chose other than channel 1 in MCC)
- keyboard split: move msg ABOVE C3 to channel 2
- keyboard split: move msg ABOVE C#3 to channel 3
- keyboard split: move msg ABOVE D3 to channel 4
- keyboard split: move msg ABOVE D#3 to channel 5
- keyboard split: move msg ABOVE E3 to channel 6
- keyboard split: move msg ABOVE F3 to channel 7
- keyboard split: move msg ABOVE F#3 to channel 8
- keyboard split: move msg ABOVE G3 to channel 9
- keyboard split: move msg ABOVE G#3 to channel 10
- message converter: route NOTE ON to CONTROL CHANGE# 007, select "duplicate original message" (this turns velocity value from BSP to "level" value on Volca Sample)
- midi out: select your midi interface connected to your volca sample
5) save midi pipe.
6) possible problems: If your pipe drops after disconnecting your BSP or Midi Interface, reconnect and reselect midi in and midi out.
- your melodic instruments must not run on midi channels 1-10. i have volca bass on 11 and volca keys on 12.
7) expansions:
- you might move buttons 11-16 of your BSP to other channels for another instrument. don't forget to install a second midi out tool for this instrument.

Any Questions? tell me.


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