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Author Topic: [SOLVED]Sound drops/cuts out after 20 minutes  (Read 5381 times)


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[SOLVED]Sound drops/cuts out after 20 minutes
« on: June 26, 2015, 01:38:20 am »
Hey guys, I've already searched google and the forum for this.
Although I did found some threads concerning this issue, I couldn't find a thread that provided a (working) fix. :(
So I'm sorry for creating a new thread on this issue if there's a thread with a fix already.

The problem:
The sound of Analog Lab drops/cuts out after approximately 20 minutes.

Things I've tried so far:
  • installing/uninstalling Analog Lab multiple times
  • altering the path where Analog Lab/the VST is getting installed to
  • using the 32bit/64bit version of the VST
  • using the "Analog Lab.dll" instead of the "Analog Lab.vst3"
  • using FL Studio (although I don't like it) instead of Cubase
  • using ASIO4All/Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver

Unfortunately none of those things solved my problem  :-[

I've noticed that this issue only concerns single instruments. Meaning when I'm using the Jupiter-8V presets for example, all Jupiter-8V presets won't work so there's no sound "coming out of the VST" anymore but only for the specific instrument/synth. When I select another synth after this has happened, there's sound again, but only for the other synths, not for the Jupiter-8V or any other previously used synth(s). ???
I've also noticed that the MIDI-activity (pushing keys/moving faders etc.) is still working whenever this issue occurs. There's just no sound anymore.

Whilst googling I stumbled across this "No sound in Analog Lab after 20 minutes if internal synth is not activated (case 119099)" but it only links to the resources page of the keylab25... (www.arturia.com/keylab25/resources)
This seems to be the exact same issue I'm experiencing but as far as I can tell it's just from a changelog concerning Analog Lab or smt.

The FAQ for the Analog Lab @ arturia's website suggests deleting/removing the demo plug-in of Analog Lab but I never have had the demo installed. ::)

All Arturia related softwares are up to date, as you can see here:

It's really annoying because I have to restart Reason (I'm using it in ReWire slave mode) and Cubase every time this happens. This basically makes the Analog Lab software/VST totally useless. >:(

I've reinstalled Windows lately and named my computer differently to how it was named before/I registered the Keylab/Analog Lab to.
Actually I don't think that this is the reason this "bug" occurs, but could this be possible somehow?
I think the registration/licensing is bound to the hardware/motherboard instead of the computer's "name" (the one that's shown in the network), isn't it?

I already had the Analog Lab software installed once, before I reinstalled Windows. Unfortunately I hadn't had that much time to test the VST, however, I think this issue or "bug" didn't occur with the Analog Lab stand-alone back then.

Tomorrow I'll try if the same issue occurs when using the Analog Lab stand-alone and I'll try a "clean" uninstall/install. Meaning I'll try to find and remove everything that's related to Arturia/Analog Lab and Cubase and install everything again afterwards, although I have little hope that this will solve the problem.

Of course I already created a support ticket @ Arturia's Support, but I've heard that they're pretty slow on answering them so I thought I could also ask here as well.

So if anyone experienced the same issue and found a working fix, pls pls pls, I beg you, please share it here and let me/us know.

Edit1: As it seems, arturia's support isn't as slow as people say, they responded almost immediately.. Unfortunately they just asked if my computer is connected to the internet (yes, it is all the time) and if I could send them a screenshot of the ASC (which I already did in this thread). I hope we can figure out what's wrong nonetheless. Going to try out the AL stand-alone now.

Edit2: After playing different synths, mainly the cs80-v, for nearly 50 minutes now, I can say that the sound does NOT drop/cut out when in stand-alone. I'll give it another try, only playing the Jupter-8V for 20-30 minutes now.

Edit3: OK!.. The Jupiter-8V plug-in seems to be broken! Had the exact same issue in stand-alone. After approx. 20 minutes the sound cut out whilst the other synths still worked flawlessly! Must be a bug within the Jupiter-8V plug-in of Analog Lab.. I doubt that I'm the only one with this issue?! ??? Any suggestions?

Edit4: I've tried a clean uninstall/install.. First I uninstalled all Arturia products, then I deleted each and every key/folder in the registry in coherence with Arturia and/or Analog Lab. After this I did a reboot and installed the ASC. Then I've installed Analog Lab and the MIDI Control Center through ASC. But still had no luck.. :( the Jupiter-8 presets still refuse to work after exactly 20 minutes. So what I'm going to do next is doing a clean uninstall again, then reboot, then search for more registry keys and rename my computer to the name it had before I reinstalled windows, reboot again and install the ASC, Analog Lab, MIDI Control Center again..

If this doesn't work either, I'll try one more thing.. I'll deactivate the KeyLab 25's license through ASC and try to reactivate it, although I'll have to use another
activation (as you probably know, you can only activate it 5 times), although I don't like the idea that you probably have to reactivate it every time you're reinstalling windows >:(

If this doesn't work too, it's got to be a problem with the Analog Lab software/Jupiter-8 plug-in...

Am I the only one experiencing this issue ??? I can't imagine it.. I've tried so many things and none of 'em worked..

Edit5: Thread can be closed, updating Analog Lab to and/or renaming my computer to how it was named before I reinstalled Windows fixed the issue!

My specs:
Keylab 25
Windows 7 x64
AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE
Cubase 5
Reason 5
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