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Author Topic: Suggestion: Legacy/Discontinued products need a more complete resources section.  (Read 5342 times)


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Since the new website, legacy hardware owners lost access to the older products resource pages.

Users of legacy products like The Factory controller are currently helpless when trying to easily find the last firmware version, as an example.

There's the http://www.arturia.com/support/updates&manuals which still references legacy hardware but it's missing links to their firmware, older MCC-alike tool apps and User's Manual (fortunately those are still online at http://downloads.arturia.com/products/* ...but only Google knows about the direct links still working).

So, I'm compelled to suggest that the sections in "Downloads & Manuals" related to legacy products need a more complete set of links to their respective resources needed to keep those products running at least up to the latest available version (before discontinuation), namely firmware, user manuals and the MCC-like tool needed to apply the firmware update(s).

This would put Arturia on-par with other companies still honoring as much as possible their commitment to users of their (older) products. Novation always comes to mind when speaking of providing everything they can online about discontinued products. Arturia used to provide that too, before the site revamp, so I'm hoping that it's just a matter of fixing some lower-level details on such lower-priority subjects like still supporting older products on a newer site :)

erm... going a step beyond, I need to add a crazier suggestion: It would be a bold and interesting move if Arturia was able to open-source the discontinued hardware firmware ;) ...so power-users could add some missing features themselves, if/when technically possible, bringing an unexpected and cool breath-of-fresh-air to older controllers and hinting at the possibility that choosing Arturia controllers would be a safer bet future-wise, at least for tinkerers that would then share MODded firmware for those brave enough to try them, at their own responsibility.

I know there's some IP and legal implications of simply sharing proprietary low-level code and some (un)support issues of "bricking" a controller but, as a user, I had to throw the idea out-there anyway :)
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