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Author Topic: Black Sabbath/Don Airy "Johnny Blade"  (Read 4179 times)


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Black Sabbath/Don Airy "Johnny Blade"
« on: February 01, 2015, 06:34:19 pm »

This is my first post here.

My band really wants to cover this song, our keyboard player is great, but he knows nothing about synthesis and technology. I'm the guitarist, but I have to be the "tech guy" for the band. haha

I emailed Don and this is what he remembers about the sound...

"Brass 1.  16ft
Brass.2.  8ft  slightly detuned-

Sub Osc. Sine Wave, speed c 30%, VCO c 20%

Add Touch Response(important) and Keyboard Control as needed.

Good luck


I met him on the most recent Deep Purple tour, he was super cool and friendly (told me some really funny stories about visiting the Mg factory where I live in Buffalo, NY in the 70s), when I pressed him for a bit more information, he said that he couldn't remember much. He did say that the performance was a single take and there was no overdubbing/layering.

I've tried the settings that he described and I'm not getting it. Maybe I don't know how/where to assign the touch response and keyboard control settings? I feel like there is portamento in there with the gliding chords, but he didn't mention that. Any ideas anyone?


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