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Author Topic: PITCH BEND PROBLEM: Stuck and Not Visible in MidiControlCenter  (Read 1875 times)


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My Analog Experience Laboratory 49 has some kind of bad-contact type of issue with the Pitch Bend wheel. It will send information even if not moved (gone back to middle / neutral position) and therefore will ruin all the notes I play. Also for some reason I am not able to see or configure the Pitch Bend Wheel in the Arturia's newest MidiControlCenter. All other keys / nobs / sliders etc are visible and configurable.

Wanted outcome:
1. Bitch Bend works as should. When in middle / neutral = no trigger is send to software = Pitch is flat and notes as the should
2. Disable Pitch Bend.

Help needed:
- Suggestion how to achieve Wanted outcome 1?
- Should your laboratory show Pitch Bend wheel in MidiControlCenter --> Make me a TEMPLATE WHERE PITCH BEND IS SET TO "OFF" and send it to me. By this I can achieve wanted outcome 2 as a temp. solution.

Thank you in advance! Will offer a coffee to the helper :-)



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