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Author Topic: Questions about the V4 upgrade  (Read 3657 times)


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Questions about the V4 upgrade
« on: January 02, 2015, 05:05:48 am »
Salut à tous, hello everyone!

I have the V3 Collection, I'll surely be upgrading until January 10 and I have a few questions and doubts. Unfortunately I'm extremely busy right now so I don't have the time to look around, but I hope someone will help me here with my questions:

I have V3 in my old computer, running OS 10.7.5. No problems at all aside a few annoying bugs (more of that later). However, I cannot install anything in it anymore, so I plan to use V4 in my brand new computer, which is a new "27 iMac, running the latest system (Yosemite 10.10.1 or something - the latest one, you know? With lots of memory!):

1. Will I have to install the V3 in the new computer anyway and transfer its license before installing V4? From what I understood, Arturia is now using a new type of authentication which looks quite similar to Native Instruments. It would be nice if it weren't necessary. I already have the eLicenser, but somehow I feel scared about doing the transfer… I have the feeling something horrible could happen. :\

2. Will V4 run smoothly in Yosemite? I've been reading a few horror stories here and there… oh, and I plan to stick with Logic 9 for now, as I'm already aware some of my crucial plugins and apps could have a hard time with X.

3. Three annoying bugs that I hope were corrected: a) Very often, Spark gets unresponsive whenever I let Logic idle for some minutes. I just have to click on the plugin slot in Logic to make it "load" again. b) Why can't I write more than 1 single track with Spark in Logic? I like recording a new track for each sound, even if it's just a hi hat - I essentially use Spark as a sound module. Whenever I try to write more than a single track with it, Logic starts behaving erratically and ends up crashing.  c) The sustain pedal function in the Wurlitzer is funny. It works ok initially, but when I render / bounce the track, the sustain is always off. I don't understand why it happens, as the midi controls are written in the track. I found that whenever I bounce while the Wurtlizer window is active, the sustain will work - otherwise it won't. Et je m'ennuie, guys. >:((((

So, thanks for your time and your eventual help. I'm really a fan of the vintage collection, I love it, it has the sounds of my youth and it will be extensively used - more than anything else, I think - in my record. Bonne année, Happy New Year! :)


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