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Author Topic: I would like Arturia to have a look at this regarding Mini V please.  (Read 4253 times)


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I would like Arturia to have a look at this regarding Mini V please:

1. Looking at the waveforms in a osciloscope, then the Triangle-Saw waveform is in wrong phase, It's turned around. This do make a sound difference. Please turn it around. (There are also sound differences between the two Saw directions like i allways can hear, and as one can verify hearing the two Saws on oscilator 3.)
I don't know if in fact the original Minimoog actually uses ramp down saws on all oscilators even if the graphics show otherwise. I think i have seen a osciloscope showing that once. Please check it and recert the if it's true. It do make sound differences.
A inverter function could perhaps also do the trick.
EDIT2: I've just found some pictures off the minimoog tri-ramp and the saw waveforms. Actually MINI V has the correct ariginal tri-ramp it seems and Voyager has the opposite. And the original do have ramp down saw and voyager ramp up. So MINI do not have the original saw waveform. Together that means the graphics of the waveform actually shows the opposite of the originale Minimoog waves for both saw and tri-ramp.
That is if the pictures here are correct, as i assume they are: http://forum.moogmusic.com/viewtopic.php?t=8124

2. The Sync function don't work as described in the manual. No special change in waveform shape using the sync or not. Please fix it. Please also make a tutorial for the sync.
Something odd happens often when working with the sync function for a while.

3. After research and experimenting i have come to the conclusion, that it looks like especially the Internal input position (The middle position) for the External input volume in the Mixer section don't work as it's supposed too.
Also the soft Clip seems to behave a bit odd. Please fix this too.
Please also look at for instance the VCA output as modulator in the Matrix. I think the "Feedback" features are not working so well for the sound, as they are supposed to.

4. Perhaps The Contour could need a tuning. It's good it has the original Minimoog behavior, but it react very sharp.

Also for some input and wishes - For me sounds that is characteristic for a Minimoog is sounds like for instance Manfred Mann use (Many on the album "Chance"), like those józef skrzek from the Polish band SBB uses for instance on the album "Welcome", like those Kraftwerk uses on for instance the Album "Man Machine", and the lead sounds Pink Floyd use on the album "Wish You Where Here".
The softness and the nasal character also soft nasal character is unique. To me that's sound that a very good emulation of a Minimoog shall be able to do rather easy.
I hope Arturia will develope the Mini V in that direction, and make it's sounds unique for softsynths and much more like the characteristic Minimoog sounds.

EDIT: Off coarse in the mentioned albums above i refer to the original studio recorded albums from the 70's and Chance from 1980 as far as i remember. That's very important with especially Wish you were here.


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