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Author Topic: Pigments customer, just bought Microfreak.... software center doesnt work? Web??  (Read 2241 times)


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Hello -- have used Pigments for a year or so and love it, and I decided to buy the Microfreak 2 days ago.

Last night, Im in the middle of a track inside Cubase12. I click a new patch in Pigments, and Pigments suddenly pops up the software center and says "please login to authenticate". I try to log in, I get "check your internet connection". I go to Arturia dotcom, and I find "please check back soon website under maintenance". I give up and go to sleep. I come back today and now Arturia dotcom is down and actively rejecting connections, I cannot sign into the software center, I cannot register my brand new synth, and I am becoming... frustrated. What is going on with the website, software center, etc? Thanks

UPDATE: Website just came back, software center came back, etc. I did some searching and found people complaining of being unable to access the software center on and off for years, since 2020. Is this an issue that affects Arturia customers often?
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Today was an anomaly. I had the same issue with ASC but for Analogy Lab V update.  It turns out their entire website was down for a while. 

In general, I've had no issues with ASC downloads. 



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