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Author Topic: The Story So Far  (Read 3371 times)


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The Story So Far
« on: March 10, 2012, 06:27:14 pm »
    This is a sort-of continuation from my previous post (in Tech Issues - CS-80V CC Assignments) and a general collection of findings I have collected for the CS-80V. Some of this refers to various posts, so I figured to put this under a general facts heading and list as such. I'm running under Win7 64bit/Cubase 5.5.3 and CS-80V 2.5.1 both also 64bit. The following refers to this combination of software only.

-The FX on/off per channel switches now function.
-The Multi X1-X4 window - chooses the number of voices for each single patch, so if you have 8 different single patches and are set to X1 each single will play 1 note, set to X4 each will play up to 4 notes. So you can be playing up to 32 notes.
-Single Patches - In a default condition all 8 single patch windows will show (1). right or left clicking in a single window will bring up the Single Select / Copy-Paste window. The first time this is opened and nothing has been copied it will show -

1 thru 3 are single patches - 1 is the current patch, 2 and 3 are default condition patches (voice parameters are set to the default state). Choosing one of these and editing works well.
NEW is bad, or confusing at best. Choosing NEW will create (sometimes) the next available single patch slot. In this case 4 (this will be at the default condition), or it will show NEW in the Single window and all of the voice controls will disappear (not very usefull) and or Cubase will crash (also not usefull).
COPY  copies the selected single preset. (or so it should)
-GPaste is also bad, (-Gpaste only shows if you have not copied a single) shows -gpaste in the single window, all controls disappear (still not very usefull).

  Now, if you have copied a single -GPaste will be replaced by Paste. Applying the paste command to a single will paste the copied voice or create a default single with the next available slot or drop NEW into the single window with all of its usefullness. Once NEW starts appearing it seems to be the only choice. I have also noticed that if you have tried to Paste to say single slot 2 and NEW has been dropped into the single other presets that you call-up at this time will show NEW in the window which you had saved as slot 2. If I close and reopen Cubase these other presets are back to there saved state.
   This leads to the mystery underlying connection -wtf- to it all. As I had noted in the previous post ref'd above, functions in the multi window affect how the CS works even if the Multi window is closed. It is part of the why do the presets not always sound (check the Exp/Wah switches) or CC assignments hold.... I have created a root preset that all of my sounds have been created from. I am hoping to do the same for the Multi set-ups. I have one Multi preset that seems to work fairly well - I can copy and paste, I don't get the dreaded NEW. I have another that does not work - copy / paste is totally unpredictable and eventually NEW will show up. What the underlying difference is I have yet to sort. Hopefully that will be the my next post or anothers contribution.

General Stuff
  I am saving presets as Cubase VSTPRESETS, I've caved in and gone this route for various reasons - with the CS80V it is to get away from Arturia's preset management style - not a gripe, just my choice. Again there are mystrey relations - calling up a VST PRESET will somtimes not always change what is showing in the CS preset windows. It will show Banks and Sub-Banks that are not in my preset data. I have remove all of the factory presets from the saved folder. I can see that they are ref'ed to in the VST preset file - trying to change this text makes the VST preset unavailable. So again I have a one root preset in
the CS saved folder and make sure my VST PRESETS refer to this before saving.

  What is with the relation between the Portamento function and the Initial Pitch Bend Function? If you have a fairly short Port. tiem and bring in some Initial PB the Port.  time on between notes going from low to high will be increased by more that is usefull. Is this correct original CS wise?

  As an aside, if you're trying to get a handle on the CS Filter envelope, try assigning the VCF ENV to an OSC in the Modulation Matrix. Use a default filter setting - no env lo-pass open. Makes it very clear as to what the Initial & Attack level controls are doing and how they relate to the Release function.
  And finally Right Clicking and dragging on a control puts it in fine mode.

OK, so thats it for now. Again any additions, corrections would be appreciated.

Oh, one more bit, the 10 voice.dll is a version with multiple outputs, it does not refer to polyphony but ouputs. If you drop the 10 voice VSTi into the VST Instruments rack ( this is Cubase) there is a small glyph with an arrow to the right of the VST edit "e", clicking on this will open a pull-down which will show the standard stereo output and 8 indivdual outs.

And a wish list item - individual OSC 2 detune. As I understand it the channel detune in the Multi window and the "card" detune pop-up are for both OSC.
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Re: The Story So Far
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2014, 07:37:17 pm »
I'm using the demo right now and looking to purchase the CS80. I love the sound and functionality, but the multimode problems are really crazy. I've found in the current demo that the porta and FX switch properly from voice to voice in multimode, but the ringmod will not switch unless the FX is also activated on that voice.

Also I can't seem to find any usable work around for copy/pasting single patches or really adjusting them at all without somehow initializing the original sound I'm working on. I don't think I could comfortably buy a VSTi with bugs like this.

Is there anywhere on this forum (or anywhere else for that matter) where I could get an idea of possible updates of the software or contact and ask questions of Arturia. (I've read it can be kind of difficult to get a hold of them?)

If not, does anyone have suggestions for other VSTi's that compare to this one?


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