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Author Topic: I'm not using spark purely out of workflow issues  (Read 1732 times)


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I'm not using spark purely out of workflow issues
« on: February 25, 2015, 05:10:41 pm »
Hi I recently bought a spark le and updated the software for spark 2

However too many bugs has left me not using it, it slowed my workflow down too much.

I learnt all the quick commands etc however certain things are drivkng me nuts and would hope the update would fix them.

Issues like.... Sample browsing doesn't always preview which is really annoying and the spark files take far to long to preview to the point where I just used my own

Blank preset crashing or containing other hits I'd already got rid of, no matter how many times I set up my own blank preset there would be a fuck up or it wouldn't load properly, there really needs to be a default blank preset, I don't understand why there isn't.

I find the drum tuning and layerinh pointless if it's only a semitone, how can I pitch anything to fit correctly.

More effects per channel need to be available.

I don't use rex files, I use wavs that are spliced, can't a WAV aswell as recycle be implemented, to be honest this isn't a pain it's just something that would be better for me

All in all it is the sample browsing and crashng that has made me put it aside and carry on as I was so could actually make some music in my limited time instead of waiting for a hi hat sample to preview

The hardware is brilliant and I can't fault it, generally it's a lovely bit of kit, but I feel like Im always banging my head against the wall with the software


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Re: I'm not using spark purely out of workflow issues
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2015, 04:46:33 pm »
I would mirror your frustration with Spark. In my opinion Arturia spend too much time on the software, adding things and tweaking, removing things etc. This makes a bigger gap between the usability of the Hardware/Software.

In my opinion a certain aspect of the CDM has become a series of shortcut keys to get to tabs on the software rather than a proven usable bit of kit that is solid and gig worthy.

Thanks, Stuart
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