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Author Topic: Tip: Aux fed back through input for filterbank of external FX insert.  (Read 1307 times)


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You often hear that you should be able to set up a good approximation of a system 55 on an origin.

One thing obviously lacking (unfortunately) is a fixed filter bank module and the module limitiations and the limitid number of modules allowed in a program also doesn't help

However during experiments I noticed something that might be considered a workaround. I always assumed the individual aux outputs would respond to the mixer settings, forcing the output on main to be the sum of all aux outputs in a multi. This turns out not te be the case.

You can route (for instance) aux 3 and 4 to the inputs using regular patch cables.
Then create a multi with a synth program in slot 2 and an FX program in slot 1 the output of slot 2 gets routed to the inputs on the FX.
If you now switch of slot 2 on the mixer the direct sound isn't audible in the main mix, but it can be heard through the FX program in slot 1 and obviously manipulated.

This also more or less allows an external effects insert by putting an effects processor (or even a second origin) between the aux output and input.
I'm also going to try to put a external mixer in between so that I can route any one or combinations of the slots back to the inputs.

Has anyone tried this before? If so, what more tricks can you think of utilizing this?



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