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Author Topic: Features we'd LOVE in future updates!  (Read 2251 times)


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Features we'd LOVE in future updates!
« on: August 16, 2011, 05:29:24 am »
Hello Sparkans! First real post here.

I'v had my unit for 2 days now and loving it! (for the most part)
There are a few things that need heavy ironing. Especially when used as a plugin
in a host app. Most have been covered, or at least mentioned.

Here are a few featured that I would love to see in future updates: Feel free to add your own.

1. This one is easy I'm guessing:
    For the pad "Select" button: I would love to be able to
    just hold it down with one hand as I toggle through the
    pads with the other hand. This makes it easy to go through
    the sounds and for quick overview of sequences on the
    hardware unit. Also on the software side you can toggle
    through samples with out using the mouse.
    This helps to get a preview of waveforms and
    settings very quickly. Currently I'm having to press
    "Select" between each pad selection to go through the instruments.
    this adds an extra annoying step/movement.

2. It would be great if we could erase multiple pads at once,
    by pressing "Erase" then press however many pads you want to erase
    simultaneously.  Again minimizing the amount of steps.  

3. The option to use Keyboard Shortcuts. I think this would be nice to turn on and off
    click/metronome without reaching for mouse and having to navigate
    to the appropriate window.

also I noticed on the software:
when you un-click a note in the sequencer and click it back,
the velocity value goes to its default value.
If I had a custom velocity I would rather it remembered
whatever the velocity was set at. sometimes you remove a note
just to listen to the sequence just to preview.
If you like to add the note back you also have to rewrite the velocity.

Hope I've explained myself clearly enough.
If there is a solution that I have missed for any of these please let me know.
if not I would love to see these small,
yet enormously helpful features in a future update.

Thanx in advance!

Keep up the good work. Peace.
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