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Author Topic: Question: Is it possible to play two different presets at the same time?  (Read 12809 times)


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Hello everyone,

I'm a newbie here trying to adjust my new CS-80V for some gigs I have planned.

The problem I'm facing now is that I want to map my master keyboard in two regions. I would like each region assigned to a different CS-80 preset (by assigning them to different MIDI channels, for example). That way I could access different CS-80 sounds in the course of one song without going to the computer to change presets.

So far I've been unable to do it so I'm wondering if that's even possible. If not, do you know
any workaround to achieve this? Maybe two instances of the program?

Thank you and sorry if the question is too basic.


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Hey Ishtar,
  The answer is yes and sort of maybe. It's like this, in multi mode you can have up to (4) zones. Each with a kydb range and the same or individual midi channels. Each voice channel can play up to (4) notes. This is set in the pull-down in the upper right of the GUI. this allows for (32) voice polyphony (eight voice channels with up to four notes each) This refers only to multi mode, in single mode you have (8) voice polyphony. You can set-up your kybd spilt, midi channels, etc. in the ZONE panels (at the right of the multi window) and then assign a zone to each of the voice channels. Next to the zone selection window in the voice channels is a window called SINGLE PATCH. This is where you can assign a different sound to each voice channel.

 This is where it gets fun and where my CS-80 CC ASSIGNMENTS post alludes to and leaves off. The documentation says that for a given preset, there can be up to (8) singles (pg. 48). What I find (PC/XP - Cubase 5.5.0) is that I can create sometimes (8) single patches using the new command (right click on the voice channel single patch window, then chose new) sometimes trying to create another single patch will cause the current voice channel single patch window to show the word NEW and the slider controls in the Ch I & II sections will disappear, sometimes my PC will lock-up, requiring a restart - there is a default sound produced but, it cannot be edited.

The single patches share some parameters (see PG. 49.)

(To edit a particular single patch you click on the red edit button in the voice channel which has been assigned to that single).

 Things begin to get alittle uncertain here, sometimes the copy command works sometimes it does not.
Also the copy command in the single patch window will copy the single patch assigned to the associated voice channel. You cannot copy a voice channel single from another preset and paste it to a different preset single.
 Using the new command to create single patches produces a default condition patch for that single. As single patches are created an associated file named PATCHX - the X being the single patch number - is created for each single in the preset. I think at this point that these PATCH files contain the data for the parameters that have been altered from the original preset. So to have the a sound from another preset you could as was noted on this forum - do a print screen of the second sound and edit a single in the original sound, and assign them accordingly to your respective zones.
I need to do more reviews of this before I post further on this. Once again I will state that this is my experience on my platform. If anyone can add additional info, clarity or corrections to this post I would be gratefull.
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Hey thank you YESMAN. Your instructions hit the nail in the head. I'm getting closer to what I want, so I guess It's a matter of patience and tweaking until I get it.

So thank you again. You really have this mastered!


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