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Author Topic: canīt transfer authorization from my laptop to my eLicenser (Steinberg Key)  (Read 6691 times)


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Hello friends,

Iīve just installed thePlaer25 to my laptop to test it.
Everything is running fine.
But I bought thePlayer25 not only to be able to make some music on the road, but to be able to use it in my studio too.
Therefor I bought a Steinberg Key (USB-dongle) to be able to transfer my license to my studio-DAW too.
Unfortunately the authorization-code delivered ba Arturia is a 8-digit number, but the eLicenser Controll Center is asking for a 32-digit number (8 blocks á 4 digits) which results that I can not move the authorization from my laptop I installed thePlaer25 too onto my USB-dongle to be able to use it on more then one computer.
ThePlayer25 is running fine on my laptop, but if I start the eLicenser Control Center, no license is shown there ?!?

Anybody achieved to transfer the license to a USB-dongle ?
Any hints what to do ?

Thanx a lot in advance,


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As described in your favorite user's manual, the Analog Player is *not* protected through the eLicenser system, but rather uses a simple unlock code to be entered at application first launch.
The USB-eLicenser hardware dongle therefore is not usable for this application.


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You are kidding,.. arenīt you?  ???
Whatīs the reason for that ??
It wouldnīt be any efford to make it possible, Arturia-wise.
I just bought the Steinberg Key just to be able to do that.
why? why? why?

But if so, :-\ I will have to de-install the player from my laptop and transfer it to my DAW.
Please donīt tell me that this is not possible too.

Can you give me some advice on how to elliminate my license on one computer and move it to another one ?



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