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Author Topic: Moving ARP Presets from V1 to V2  (Read 3878 times)


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Moving ARP Presets from V1 to V2
« on: December 01, 2009, 06:52:29 pm »

I have several ARP 2600 V1 presets that were saved to using the Apple File I/O,
how to I get them moved in to ARP 2600 V2?

Dave Gilden  MCSD
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Re: Moving ARP Presets from V1 to V2
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2009, 01:32:47 am »
Hey Dowda,
   You should be able to export the presets or bank from the 2600v, then import to the 2600v2. On a deeper level - this is where the presets are located, at least on a PC.

    I'm not sure how things are set-up on a Mac, but on my PC system you can go to program files - Arturia - then you have an ARP2600V and an ARP2600V2 folder. In the Arp2600 folder there is a folder named SAVE. This is the folder that contains the saved programs, also note the controlMidi file - this is the file that contains the global midi control assignments. The folders P0 etc. are the individual Banks - which will have the Sub-Banks B0 etc. and presets I0 etc. which are associated to that Bank.  In the Bank folder level there is a file called Nompreset - this is the bank name. At the Sub-bank level - the Nombanque file contains the name of the Sub-Bank, at the preset level the NomInstrument file contains the name of the preset, the Parametres file contains the values for the various parameters that make up the sound. These can be viewed and edited in windows notepad.
    I got into this because I did not want the factory sounds and wanted to be able to arrange the order of my sounds as wanted. (Also trying to get the CS80 control Midi file to work - still no luck. I can see that the setting is correct in the file, but the CS80 seems to ignore this. The ARP seems to not have this problem.) So I copied the SAVE folder renamed it as SAVE_OLD, stored it in the ARP folder. Then removed all the factory Banks in the SAVE folder and renamed my bank that I wanted to be first to P0, the next P1, etc. I also reorder Sub-Banks and Presets in a similar fashion. You have to have at least a P0 bank or the program will not load.

    Do this at your own risk!!!!! Know your limits when editing files, always have back-ups of the originals and remember how to get back to square-one if things go awry.

    I know this is drifts from your original question. But, I have seen numerous questions as to how the Arturia Synths store their sounds. It also bugged me that when I updated, it added all the factory sounds again and messed up my config. I had saved my config, expecting this, so it took a minute to restore my config.

    Well, I hope this helps or is of general use to the group.
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