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Author Topic: Problems with Intel Mac + Snow Leopard + Logic 9 ---> NEED HELP !!!  (Read 3481 times)


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I do have problems with the ARP 2600 and the Mg Modular since I did the upgrade to Snow Leopard + Logic 9.
If I start any session with an ARP 2600 the session crashes. If I start a fresh session with no plugs and try to load ARP 2600 it crashes.

I do run a Mac Intel 8-Core 3 GHz with 16GB Ram
I did all the Updates from the Artruria Update side and still have this problem.

The Plugs are in the right folder:
Mac HD / Libary / Audio / Plug.Ins / Components / ARP2600 V. component

I found another folder:
Mac HD / Libary / Preference / arp2600v ... ambt.dat + save folder
is this correctly installed or do I have to put this folder somewhere else?

I just searched on the internet and found a demo download that worked for Intel OSX Snow Leopard:

As I said before, I tried the DEMO Version of the 2600V and it works! It is no full Version and has some Limitations that makes professional work impossible.

I deinstalled the Demo Version of the ARP2600v and tried my original Version again. As I said before I did all this updates also Firmware blahblah ... and it still crashes my Logic. It does also not work as stand alone Version.

What`s going wrong here? The Demo is working on Snow Leopard but the original  bought Version does not work?

HELP !!!!



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Re: Problems with Intel Mac + Snow Leopard + Logic 9 ---> NEED HELP !!!
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2009, 06:21:02 pm »
What is your version of ARP2600 , the previous version from CD install don't run since 10.4 ,to day  i 'll upgrade my 2600 V2 with synchrosoft license , it's perfect on Logic 9 and snow , many improvement , the SoundMap is crazy


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Re: Problems with Intel Mac + Snow Leopard + Logic 9 ---> NEED HELP !!!
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2009, 03:21:29 pm »
If the latest update does not solve, please post a Technical Support inquiry through your Arturia account.


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