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Author Topic: Adding stereo effects (recording in Audacity)  (Read 3490 times)


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Adding stereo effects (recording in Audacity)
« on: April 30, 2013, 01:42:04 am »
Hey all

Just a quickie question...

After doing real-world hardware recording for twenty years - buttons, knobs, displays and ENDLESS CABLING, space restrictions meant I have had to reluctantly to sell of pretty much all my synths and recording kit, so now I am investigating the PC-based software side of recording. Unfortunately, I am somewhat of an idiot when it comes to software stuff, so I am finding my feet.

On a limited budget, my setup is the CS-80V2 software synth controlled by a midi controller keyboard, an m-audio delta sound card that I simply cannot get my brain to understand fully, and my new virtual multi-track will be Audacity (yeah, funds are pretty tight).

However, one thing I'm missing is live effects to add to each track (I don't want to add effects after the track is recorded, as I want to hear the effect as I perform each track so I can tweak it as I go). Although I haven't got a clue, I'm guessing I'll need some software solution that will sit between the CS-80V2 and Audacity...but that is as far as my knowledge goes. I'm pretty sure Audacity doesn't support live effects, and the synth software only offers chorus and delay.

Can anyone suggest a good software solution - if Arturia do one I'll check it out, but I can't see anything on the site. If not Arturia, something freeware if such a thing exists, or cheap as possible. I just really want to be able to add reverbs, flanges, phasers and other basic effects. After selling my SE-50 effects unit, I can't go back to dry recording! I've hunted around the interwes, but have come up dry.

If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated :)


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Re: Adding stereo effects (recording in Audacity)
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2013, 06:52:51 am »
You'll need to use something other than Audacity. I would recommend Reaper ($60) or Zynewave Podium ($50 last I checked). Tracktion may be worth checking out as well. There are some free DAWs (multi-track recording software) but they tend to be limited or a pain to use.

For freeware check out Computer Music Magazine. It comes with a DVD full of free synths and effects, plus samples. You can buy an online version much cheaper and can download the DVD content as well.

www.kvraudio.com is a great source for all things relating to computer based music. The site has a huge database you can search for free and commercial software. The forums are very active and you can get a lot of recommendations for free and commercial (software) synths and effects. The community at kvr is very helpful, I recommend it.


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Re: Adding stereo effects (recording in Audacity)
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2013, 11:11:06 pm »

I downloaded Podioum Free, but I can't get it to acknowledge any input from my master controller keyboard, which sucks a bit. I guess there'll be a few days of farting about with MIDI settings etc. I was just looking at Audacity as a quick and dirty multi track recording solution(I was thinking of forcing myself to not use any kind of sequencing at all, to try and get back into my Vangelisy style of playing)...but then I dug out all my old Jarre and Tangerine Dream CDs and it all went a bit wrong...


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