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Author Topic: Cannot access Hall.  (Read 6484 times)


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Cannot access Hall.
« on: December 08, 2006, 01:36:26 am »
I'm already an 80% satisfied customer, even though I just installed the full version of Storm 3.0 today. I had already played around with the downloadable Demo version.

I'll be a 100% satisfied customer, when I can connect to the Hall.

I'm connecting from Canada. My ISP is called "Bell Sympatico." I don't know if your European "ftp2..." server is on our DNS lists. I have a DSL. And I'm going through a Linksys Router, because we frequently have home-networks here, as I do with my collegues in this apartment. There may (1) be some delay in my successful Registration, which gave me a Hall Password, sending this to a separate Hall server. But I rather doubt that. I suspect it's more due to our Router here.

I do have "Firewall" checked in my Hall Settings, but it doesn't fix anything. The message still says ~Unconnected: Failed to Connect to meta-server~ .

Is there a specific port number I need to unblock from my Router? Can Storm 3.0 be made to force its own IP Address, for the purpose of doing so? Are there other possible cures, such as a Hall patch for Routers? (...) :roll:


Update from December 8: I've discovered that the Username and Password which were assigned to me, are not being accepted yet by the Web site, for the prupose of downloading Resources. This would also prevent me from accessing Hall with these accurate credentials. Even though the program did download its activation key right away, directly from the server. So maybe it's more likely that Arturia hasn't processed my order fully yet? 8)


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