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Author Topic: Repeatable bug ctrl bug [solved]  (Read 2226 times)


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Repeatable bug ctrl bug [solved]
« on: December 29, 2013, 02:21:38 pm »
I'm abusing Collection 3.0 on Cubase 7.5 build 114 64bit on an I7 K2600 CPU.

If I open up Mini V and from my M-Audio Axiom 2.gen keyboard sending Ctrl.nr 73 the Attack button will start moving on Mini V (no suprise there). If I now open up eg. ARP 2600 and do nothing else but repeate the Ctrl. operation the Voice detune wil start moving together with the Attack button. There is no way that I can't reset or prevent Voice detune from moving and it's pretty annoing. Something similary happens on all Arturia plugs making button tweaking useless on my Axiom keyboard.

Any suggestions how to move on here?


That had to do with Cubase Track quick controls and VST quick controls. Simply disaple tham and every thing works ok

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