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Author Topic: MiniBrute needs to be started twice to get sound  (Read 14737 times)


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MiniBrute needs to be started twice to get sound
« on: November 20, 2012, 11:33:20 am »
it has been discussed on a couple of topics, so I wanted to have all the informations in one.

In my understanding the issue best description is as follow:
When I turn on the unit after even a short time of being off (yes, the switch is on KBD) I get a small squeel of sound, but then no matter what, I get no sound out of the unit.  The Pitch and Tempo light are blinking, the Amplification Envelope light is solid green.   If I turn the power off then on again right away, I will get sound.

Possible explanation:
It looks to be an unexpected timing into the power supply startup sequences. Positive rail starts sometime before the negative one, and that makes it more difficult for the negative to start. During design I thought components dispersion would narrower on this part.

Actually the workaround is to start it twice, so that during second startup capacitors will already be charged and everything will be fine. For sure it's not very clean, but I does and will work.

Now my problem is that I do not have machines with this behavior at Arturia. So I'm looking for users who have this problem, and that would accept to  send me their machine, for more or less a week, so that I can investigate on this issue.
For sure shipping cost would be handled by Arturia. Basically a prepaid UPS sticker who be send to you. You would need to stick it to the carton box where your MiniBrute is securely packed, and call UPS to organize pickup.

What I'm looking for:
 - Customers in France, or Europe (shipping is much faster than from the US).
 - Machine should have this problem as often as possible, If it only happened once or a couple of time, It could take me ages to reproduce it.
 - Customer that accepts to send his baby away for a week or so.

If you feel like you feat into this description please PM me. 

With theses machines I should be able to confirm my theories. As soon as I have an accurate and reliable solution, it will be applied to other customer having this issue.  Of course people that sent me their machine will have it back, carefully check and fixed by myself.


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