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Author Topic: Not able to midi map any controller to Analog Lab V in Studio One 5 (vst 3)  (Read 1490 times)


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Although mapping a control to my controllers in Reason 12 works perfectly, Studio One 5 and vst3 are a different story. It's weird, it will "map" just fine but when you move the control, the sound does not change at all (like reverb for example)

This was brought to my attention in the Presonus forum and I've created a ticket. But I'd like to get a handle on others with this and see if you are having a problem.

I'm windows 10.


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FYI: You have posted in a legacy Analog Lab forum.

Yes Studio Ones Control Link mapping can be assigned to the ALV controls and can move the controls that can be visible/ invisible using the CONTROLS button in the buttom of the ALV application, but they does'nt have any effect on sound, like they have, when you ie use a mouse or are'nt using Studio Ones Control Link.

The knob you name Reverb i assume is such a knob. That knob can be set to control other things, so i would not call it Reverb control without being clear about what excact control we are talking about, as it can confuse things. If you map directly to the actual Reverbs parameters, then it all work.

If you contact Arturia support, then be very clear about what controls you talk about. Perhaps post screenshots. Otherwise, they might not get it. They are'nt from Presonus. Step by step guides to reproduce the issue, is also allways a good idea to give to support.

If you use midi CC and ALV's own midi config, then it work.
As i see it, then it should also work when using Control Link mapped controls, but it does'nt.

FYI: I'm in Studio One 3 PRO, latest Windows 10.
I use Generic control settings in ALV, as i don't have a Arturia controller. The problem is with both the 9 knob and the 9 knob + 9 fader setting.

In Reason you don't use Studio Ones Control Link. I assume you use normal  midi CC. That must be the difference,


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