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Author Topic: Origin II  (Read 3781 times)


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Origin II
« on: January 09, 2022, 12:45:45 am »
With arm soc systems being powerful and cheap seams like a great time to bring back the Origin .
An Origin II with OSCs and filters from the whole V collection line and /or  just being able to load up the whole vst as a live instrument would be pretty amazing and relatively cheap to make and for us too . You could include some basic building blocks for default out of the box OS and tie it to our user accounts so that if we have the v collection or separate plugins they would be available in the Origin modular system as building blocks and as stand alone synths to run in the hardware .
I look at things like the PI4 , Elk OS , the latest Korgs like wavestate and modwave as well as people in the wild building pi synths and think this is technically very feasible. This trick would be giving it enough controls and hardware features , but keep the cost down enough to move units . Anyway food for thought .


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Re: Origin II
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2023, 09:07:43 pm »
Too much too little too late. Having an original Origin is fine enough, while Arturia gearing up for a new a much more huge design on top of the metric tonne of hardware and software they are juggling these days would break even a large company. I would not be looking forward to a new Origin any time soon, any more than I would expect Sequential to release a new Poly Evolver with all twenty voices available. Yes, I would love to have one. No, it is not going to happen. Commentary having nothing to do with Arturia removed by request but not agreeably. 😜
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