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Author Topic: Keylab Essential doesn't respond to map=0 set value sysex messages  (Read 2467 times)


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Something has stumped me. The KeyLab Essential doesn't seem to respond to SysEx messages to set up pads when this code must be working for the Mk1 and Mk2.
See the Java controller code here https://github.com/bitwig/bitwig-extensions/blob/api-18/src/main/java/com/bitwig/extensions/controllers/arturia/keylab/essential/ArturiaKeylabEssentialControllerExtension.java#L154C2-L183

From https://legacy-forum.arturia.com/index.php?topic=90496.0
Sysex messages to re-configure pads to toggle/gate midi channel, colors, etc...

F0 00 20 6B 7F 42 02 00 PARM CTRLID VALUE F7

I discovered that 00 is the Map Select.
1 = Analog Lab
2 = DAW
3 = User 1

so its

F0 00 20 6B 7F 42 02 MAP PARM CTRLID VALUE F7

btw. Colors are not documented in the above link they work like this. This is really cool as the pad colours can reflect the clip launcher colours.

F0 00 20 6B 7F 42 02 MAP 11 CTRLID RED F7
F0 00 20 6B 7F 42 02 MAP 12 CTRLID GREEN F7
F0 00 20 6B 7F 42 02 MAP 13 CTRLID BLUE F7

So if MAP=0 I think the change is immediate rather than storing to a map, and you don't need to sysex command set retrieve the map select (its not in the mk1 or mk2 code), e.g.

F0 00 20 6B 7F 42 05 MAP F7

But really strangely this code is commented out for key lab essential. To hamper the essential?  or something else.
So, I uncommented the code but with MAP=0 these Sysex calls for KeyLab essential just don't work, they don't change anything.
So you can't switch gate/toggle mode or change color.
(just noticed the Keylab Mk3 controller scripts have been added in the last week or so so they are worth a look!)

Has anyone get deeper into this and understand the difference in sysex commands for different KeyLabs?
(My Keylab Essential firmware is 1.1.10 and was recently updated)


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