December 10, 2023, 05:58:25 pm
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Author Topic: Ableton Live behaves strangely when arming Analog Lab (new user setup)  (Read 320 times)


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I just set up a new Minilab 3 with Ableton Live and Analog Lab. Everything seems to work well independently from one another, but something strange happens when I arm the Analog Lab VST plugin in Ableton.

Say I have selected an Instrument (e.g. a Drum Kit) in Analog Lab, and I arm the AL plugin in Ableton, then when I press a key on the Minilab I hear both the Drum Kit (through Analog Lab) and a Synth (through Ableton). When I hit record in Ableton, the notes are recognised, yet the track that is recorded is played by the Synth, not the Drum Kit. I have no idea where the Synth sound is coming from, nor do I get the Drum kit to get through to Ableton.

I followed the setup guides for both Ableton and Analog Lab and have not found any other issues yet. I'm working on a MacBook Air M1.


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