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Author Topic: Infernal Circuitry - Cyberpunk and Industrial Metal Preset Bank  (Read 783 times)


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Introducing our newest preset pack for Arturia's Pigments synth: a collection of 120 presets designed for cyberpunk, industrial and modern metal producers. This pack is perfect for anyone looking to add dark and aggressive sounds to their productions, with a focus on heavy basses, distorted leads, and intense impacts.

The set includes 10 hard bass presets, ranging from gritty sawtooth basses to deep sub-basses, all designed to cut through the mix and add weight to your tracks. The 10 hard lead presets are intense and powerful, with soaring synth leads perfect for creating epic melodies and solos.

The 10 bass drum presets are hard-hitting and designed to give your tracks the necessary low-end punch and drive, while the 29 drum loop presets are glitchy and syncopated, perfect for creating complex and hypnotic rhythmic layers.

The 11 impact presets are massive and explosive, designed to add tension and drama to your tracks, while the 20 bass sequence presets are intricate and rhythmic, perfect for creating complex and evolving basslines. The 10 metal guitar sequence presets are distorted and gritty, adding dark and piercing metallic overtones to your tracks.

Finally, the 10 riser presets are intense and soaring, perfect for creating tension and anticipation in your tracks, with smooth and gradual builds and explosive and dramatic risers.

With this set of 120 presets for Pigments, you'll have everything you need to create dark and atmospheric cyberpunk, industrial and metal tracks that will stand out in any other hard-hitting genre. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, this pack is a must-have for anyone looking to add heavy and aggressive sounds to their productions.

Product Details:

● 10 Hard Bass Presets
● 10 Hard Lead Presets
● 10 Bass Drum Presets
● 29 Drum Loop Presets
● 11 Impact Presets
● 20 Bass Sequence Presets
● 20 Guitar Sequence Presets
● 10 Riser Presets

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