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Author Topic: Key Arp to Pitch in Modulation Matrix - Calculate resulting notes pitches  (Read 501 times)


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Hi, I was wondering how to calculate exactly the resulting pitches when applying the Key Arp modulation to the Pitch on the Microfreak.Of course assuming that is the only source modulating the pitch. It seems like a good way to work in microtonal mode on the MF but I wouldn't know how to get other instruments to match the scale of it.


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in a comment to this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUCcjr9yA1s) someone deducted a few values:

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Mark DeSimone
I found your comment, and got curious cuz I just got a Microfreak for my birthday. Here are the EDOs I found were possible:

19EDO = Perfect 12 (C to G one octave up), setting: -99
18EDO = Augmented 11 (C to F# one octave up), setting: -89
17EDO = Perfect 11 (C to F one octave up), setting: -78
16EDO = Major 10 (C to E one octave up), setting: -70
15EDO = minor 10 (C to E flat one octave up), setting: -58
14EDO = Major 9 (C to D one octave up), setting: -38
13EDO = minor 9 (C to D flat one octave up), setting: -20
11EDO = Major 7 (C to B), setting: +25
10EDO = minor 7 (C to B flat), setting: +54
9EDO = Major 6 (C to A), setting: +88

The settings were found done through trial and error, and may not be 100% in tune but they were quite close to my ears. I didn't find a way to push it higher than 19 or lower than 9, because the setting can only be + or - 100. If there is a way, hopefully someone will share!


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Nice thanks, I had seen that video but hadn't seen that comment.


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