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Author Topic: Splitting Midi Out Signal  (Read 660 times)


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Splitting Midi Out Signal
« on: April 24, 2023, 11:03:14 pm »
Hello friends.
Iīm out of my wits here.

Iīm trying to control the midi I send to an old Roland MC303 from my BSP. I need the MC303 to ONLY receive one midi channel from the BSP. As it is, when I send midi to the MC303 it receives it and plays it, but the thing is that itīs receiving midi from all three channels, and so the drum set is playing unwanted notes.

I know the way to go is to set up the midi channel in the receiving unit, but the MC303 is a digital machine and it does not allow to take the omni off. I have been researching this for weeks, and I donīt think it can be done.
So the question is: would a midi thru splitter box allow me to send out the three midi channels separate? Wouldnīt it simply send a mirror of whatīs coming in to the outs?

Thank you.


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