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Author Topic: Problem with Analog Lab and Center display in Ableton Live  (Read 7819 times)


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Re: Problem with Analog Lab and Center display in Ableton Live
« Reply #15 on: February 25, 2023, 09:54:53 pm »
I hate to be this guy... but I just bought a MiniLab 3 and I'm having the same issue with it, that's how I found this post.

The thing is, I also have a KeyLab 88 MKii that I bought back in Feb of 2021 and I immediately noticed this problem and reported it. I was told then the same thing, the problem has been registered and will be addressed in a future update. That never happened.

The issue only exists for Windows OS Ableton users as far as I know. I really hope they fix this ASAP. Kind of sucks to pay so much money for hardware that really is good but fails in such seemingly simple things. You would think they would have pushed out a fix by now.

Just putting this information out for anyone who might be searching for a fix online, a little hard to find answers. I recently opened another ticket about this. If I get anymore concrete information different from anything already said I will post it as well.


Just a little update to say that I've heard back from Arturia on this. They've said that the issue has been registered already to be fixed in a future update, and that these kinds of implementations can take some time as they are complex.

Have they mentioned when they will release that latest version?
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Re: Problem with Analog Lab and Center display in Ableton Live
« Reply #16 on: April 07, 2023, 11:43:11 pm »
I have the latest version of Ableton Live, Analog Lab V and a KeyLab 49 MK2.
When I add analog Lab to a Midi track in live and open it up, i only see the text Analog Lab in the center display. When i use the jog wheel, I can change the preset, but the preset does not show up in the display. Also if i use the buttons for Piano, Bass etc on the KeyLab, it changes to that type of preset but the the button does not light up. Seems like the Keyboard does not get data from Analog Lab software. In standalone mode it works. Theyt keyboard works otherwise and i can change parameters and play on it.


3 years later still having the same issue, anyone got an update or found a solution?


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