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Author Topic: [MAJOR BUG] Patterns Not Respecting Metronome Time Signature  (Read 597 times)


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[MAJOR BUG] Patterns Not Respecting Metronome Time Signature
« on: April 13, 2023, 11:21:51 pm »
The only place I'm aware of to change the time signature for projects is the metronome settings.
I was about to work on a weird electronic version of Bach's Minuet in DM from the Anna Bach notebook. But no.
I set the metronome to 3/4 time and it counts it just fine. So I chained together three 4-bar patterns to record the parts -> 1 - 2 - 1 - 3 (If you know the song you'll get it)
I kept getting irritated and couldn't figure out HOW I was playing it wrong because the patterns just never aligned correctly. THEN i noticed that the patterns were doing 4/4 time, not 3/4 time.
So yeah. Pretty major bug there. Patterns should absolutely be respecting the metronome time signature.
As I type this I have realized I can manually turn of 4 steps in each pattern and that will have the same effect as being in 3/4 time. But a person should NOT have to do that. An entire project and all its patterns should respect the metronome's time signature setting.

EDIT: I figured out what's going on.
The steps buttons (the four at the top right) are just that: Only steps, 16 per button. They are NOT "measures." So for four bars of 3/4 time the Last Step should be set to button three, "48." (3*16 = 16*3 = 48 = four bars of 3/4 = three bars of 4/4)
This may make sense intuitively to programmers/maths people, but it's not how musicians think. We think in terms of bars. As such, the intuitively sensible behavior is for those buttons the BE bars, and for non-4/4 time signatures they should properly reflect that. Which is to say, for example: For 3/4 time each of those buttons should only have 12 steps, not 16. .... Doing 6/8 or 12/8 still remains problematic, and I have no solutions for that.
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