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Author Topic: Workflow issue with BSP and Ableton  (Read 534 times)


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Workflow issue with BSP and Ableton
« on: March 08, 2023, 12:21:17 pm »
I have a slight workflow issue with BSP and Ableton Live. I'm in Ableton's Session View and have linked it to the BSP in order to play scenes from Ableton and sequences from the BSP at the same time. The BSP is slaved to Ableton.

My live set in Ableton involves several different songs, which appear as consequent scenes in Ableton's session view but are linked to different projects on the BSP. So when I play song 1 (scenes 1-9 in Ableton), they are linked to Project 14 on the BSP, and when I play song 2 (scenes 11-20 in Ableton), they are linked to Project 15 on the BSP. In between each song, I have interlude scenes in Ableton (scene 10 in the example above) which are not connected to the BSP.

To move between songs, I can stay in the same project in Ableton, but I, of course, need to change the projects on the BSP (in the example above, from Project 14 to Project 15). However, this creates a small sync issue between the BSP and Ableton. When I change the project on the BSP, the sequencer keeps running. This means that when I launch the first scene of the new song in Ableton, I need to make sure that the it is launched exactly at the point where the BSP has ended its 64-step bar. If I miss this, which is unfortunately quite easy, Ableton and the BSP will be out of sync for the rest of my live set (i.e. the Ableton scene is launched at the time when the BSP is running on, for instance, step 16-32).

The easiest way to make sure that the BSP and Ableton are synced is, of course, to simply push the stop button on Ableton. When I subsequently launch a new scene, it will be synced again. However, I of course don't want to to this, since it stops the music in Ableton, and the point of my live set is to not have any silent moments.

An ugly workaround would be to launch the interlude scenes from another app (like Audacity), which would mean that I could stop Ableton and be 100% sure that it will be synced with the BSP when I launch the first scene of the new song. However, I would prefer to have everything in Ableton and not rely on any additional apps.

The question is therefore: Is there a way to ensure the sync in Ableton when changing projects on the BSP without having to rely on myself launching the scene at exactly the point when the BSP is about to end its 64-step bar?

I really appreciate your help here. Thanks!
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