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Author Topic: The Matrix - Tangerine Dream Inspired (Mostly using Matrix-12)  (Read 5372 times)


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"The Matrix" is an original composition of mine, heavily inspired by Tangerine Dream my favorite synth band, and more exactly their concert feel/sound/vibe.

I used solely software instruments (VST/Plugins), with most instruments (tracks) were Arturia's Matrix-12 (an Oberheim Clone), except track 2 which were Korg's Polysix soft synth, plus tracks 3, 4, 6 and 7 which were SynthMaster.

Constructive comments are appreciated - Enjoy!



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Re: The Matrix - Tangerine Dream Inspired (Mostly using Matrix-12)
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2022, 09:56:50 am »
I have found from experience that these forums are not always the best place to expect feedback.I have posted several free Pigments patch Collections and received little feedback. But, as a fellow lover of TD (the Froese, Franke, Baumann and Froese, Franke, Schmoelling era - as well as the very recent release) I felt it my duty to feedback. Well, its unmistakably TD and very well done. My only suggestion is maybe trying to introduce the main sequence over time, building up and allowing for some variation to creep in to maintain interest (maybe some dynamic panning, filter sweeps or effects treatments. I am still amazed at how simple some TD tracks are but how effective they are to this day. Keep on creating.


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