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Author Topic: 2 Features I'm Surprised Don't Exist Yet (manual value entry & OSC phase start)  (Read 700 times)


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Been great to see your teams updating Pigments 4 and love the UI enhancements you've made. 2 things I absolutely wish I could do that most virtual synthesizers of this caliber can do out of the box:

Request 1
Allow a user to manually enter a value for most given knobs (i.e. I would like to type a hz value for my filters, lfo speeds, volume levels, etc). This part of the request is quite straightforward and think the best way you could implement this would be simply allowing a right-click option to pop up on knobs that says "enter value" and let me type it. Or, you could allow for a shortcut like double-click or alt-click, etc. Very basic request but please let us do it!

Request 2:
There is no place for a user to currently choose whether or not an oscillator is free-running or what phase position it starts at everytime triggered. You have this function build in for LFOs, but this is a very important component when it comes to FM and PM from other OSC sources. Random phase start positions cause FM and PM to have different tonalities whenever being triggered which although may be useable in some scenarios may also be unwanted and removes the user from having as much control over the sound they wish to create.

The solution to this would simply be add a phase knob somewhere in the Analog, Wavetable, and Harmonic Engines, as well as the "Modulator" section since I presume that is also free-running in this case (did not test it to confirm, however). You could even go with a certain competitor's approach and bake in the "random phase" option as just the last value of that knob. Interestingly enough - I did find that your Harmonic engine starts at the same phase every time, however there does not seem to be a way to adjust that (and it may not be as big of a deal considering there are no options for FM with it).

Thank you; I'm happy to answer questions as well regarding this :)


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