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Author Topic: Reverb dropping out in PT 12.7.0/Win10  (Read 906 times)


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Reverb dropping out in PT 12.7.0/Win10
« on: January 16, 2023, 02:48:56 pm »
I have Rev PLATE-140 v1.5.0.4061 on a guitar track in a ProTools 12.7.0 session (on Windows 10). It sounds awesome, so thanks for that! This is not a huge or especially complex session, no fancy bus routing or other mix tricks. The only other plugins on the track are a tuner and a guitar amp sim.

I have noticed that sometimes, while I'm working with other tracks and NOT this particular guitar, the Rev PLATE-140 stops producing any reverb sound. The plugin is still active, all the settings are the same, the track itself is still active, so I'm not sure why it would stop working. The track sounds like it would sound if the plugin was inactivated. If I open up the plugin and change settings, nothing changes in the audio .. the reverb is gone. The only thing I've found to restore it is to save the session, close down ProTools, and re-open from scratch.

I know this probably isn't enough detail to do much debugging, and I will keep trying to figure out what is triggering the reverb to stop reverbing. If I figure anything else out, I'll come back and update. I just wanted to post something in case there is a known problem, or if there is something I've overlooked.

Thanks for the reverb, it really does sound nice. I've got about half-a-dozen plate reverb plugins, and Rev PLATE-140 and won the audition for this track/song.


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