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Author Topic: Sync'ing iSpark with the other Arturia iPad Synts (iSem, iMini and iProphet)  (Read 3880 times)


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Hello -
I travel for work a lot for work and decided to start using the old iPad I have laying around to work on tunes. I loaded iSpark on one and iMini on another and gonna add iSem to a third.

Can someone tell me how i can get them all to sync and communcaite?


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hey, there is something in those app settings a protocol called "ableton link" or sometime's just "link". I think all those app have it, at least ispark does for sure. turn it on with all those apps, should sync up to tempo automatically. it's really easy to use and no, you don't have to be an ableton person to use it. there is also an app called aum which i recommend to anyone using multiple music apps at once
, makes your life easier with syncing and any midi you want to send


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+1 on AUM. if you're doing music on iPad, it's the #1 app. It links everything together.

I'm not sure if the Arturia iPad apps have been upgraded to function as AUv3 plugins - if not, they're not gonna load in any iPad Daw.

That's where AUM comes in. It patches everything to everything, basically.

In it's core, it's a multitrack recorder, quite bare-bones. Pretty much everything you'd want to do, you do with plugins or addons. That means I have 5 different sequencers, quite a few effects, and so-on.

If you want to use more than 1 musical app at a time on iPad, you should have AUM.

I'm not affiliated with them, I just want to make the iPad music market bigger. The daws are all a bit crap, so I really want to get people into AUM. I also really like the idea of not being stuck with one developer for all your DAW needs.


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