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Author Topic: MIDI  (Read 812 times)

Matthew Bowden

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« on: January 30, 2023, 02:24:56 am »
Hello there,

I am trying to get my midi set up in the best way possible for my limited set up.

I have followed the tutorial on YouTube and the BSP is connected through USB to Ableton. I then have a TR8 connected via MIDI to the BSP and when I press play both Ableton and the TR8 trigger. It's beautiful! I can override the limitations of the TR8 with this beast.

My issue is when I try to connect another synth, for love nor money I can't get the MIDI to trigger. I have tried running the synth from the midi ports on the sound card, from the back of the TR8 and the BSP. I have sound but no midi. In this case I am using a Neutron set to channel 13, sending the midi to channel 13 and still nothing. When I have had it working the TR8 stopped sending audio and the transport controls failed which crashed Ableton's settings and did some rather peculiar flickering.

Do you think it's because I am using both MIDI (5 pin, for the TR8) and the USB (for Ableton) and there is a conflict or am I just missing a trick? The neutron works with USB midi instead but the latency combined with the MIDI triggering of the drums is too much so I am thinking 5 pin is the way forward. Should I be doing the whole thing off MIDI, and will the transport controls still work if I try it? I broke it all so much I don't want to do that again, it was a nightmare sorting it out.

Happy to jump on a zoom call and show some one if they have 10 minutes spare! I'd love you forever



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