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Author Topic: MINIFUSE 1 system volume slider SET TO 0 - still hear sound from DAW  (Read 703 times)


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For more than a year I had Komplete Audio 1. Throughout my work with it, I could control the volume of DAW and the rest of Windows - by using the system slider.
So I have pushed the knob of KA1 all the way up and changed the volume with my keyboard only when needed.

3 days ago I have got a brand new MINIFUSE 1, that I have installed on a fresh, entirely clean Windows 11.
I have installed the drivers and the control center, and for a while I could still control the volume of the system, *INCLUDING THE DAW* through the keyboard.

A bit after that, I am not sure what happened, but I suddenly explored that Windows is not controlling the DAW's volume, and that MINIFUSE 1 has bypassed Windows.
So, even if Windows' slider is set to 0, I can still hear everything Ableton Live is playing. But outside the DAW (Spotify, Youtube etc...) it's the system slider that controls everything again.

I have been told that the whole point of the ASIO driver is to bypass the entire system. So why it only bypasses it inside the DAW and not anywhere else?
I could control the DAW volume with KA1 and during the first few hours with MINIFUSE 1, so how did it suddenly change on its own? The audio preferences of the DAW were always ASIO, and yet I still could control it without the audio interface's knob being involved!

I have already reinstalled the driver a dozen times, updated pretty much any component of the system, Set MINIFUSE 1 to default device and disabled any other.


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