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Author Topic: New Owner and a few Cubase 9.0 Issues  (Read 325 times)


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New Owner and a few Cubase 9.0 Issues
« on: December 01, 2022, 12:08:10 am »
Hello ,

I am the happy, new owner of the Arturia Keylab MkII 88. I am using it with Cubase 9.0. After a bit of frustration, I was able to  get the controller, in DAW mode, to work with Cubase. Although, there are a few things that aren't working exactly as expected and I don't know if they are related or not. They are:
  • On an Instrument track, whenever I move one of the sliders, the volume on the track goes up and down as expected. However, also whatever instrument is selected I hear a note play for each change in the control number. I think it is playing A6.
  • When I press any of the GLOBAL CONTROLS on the controller , a note is played as well as performing the function pressed. Save = F#2, In = Eb5, Out = G6, etc.
  • When I'm playing on the controller and I have a sound selected (East West Steinway) notes seem to randomly cut out as though there is too much MIDI data coming in or if there are too many voices playing at one time. However, looking at the number of voices, while it has gone up to about 70 voices, the CPU never goes up above 3%. Also, my old MIDI controller can play the same song the same way and the voice clipping doesn't occur.

Any ideas what could be causing some of these issues?

I know there is still a huge amount to learn, so I will be reading through the manual. I was hoping to get a head start and reduce some of the frustration.

Thank you for the help!


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