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Author Topic: Hilarious - menus vanish before I can click on them Augmented Strings!  (Read 564 times)

Christopher Burke

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Dear Anyone. 

I'm on a Windows 10 PC and I wish I could show you a video of this.  Had SIMILAR problems with other software but never like this! 

Hokay.  So I'm trying to choose an Augmented Strings prexet.  I point to PRESETS and get the little sublist with the arrowheads next to them.  So I roll over an arrowhead - and for the briefest of milliseconds there's a long list of presets on the screen but it vanishes before I can choose anything! 

Same with trying to put in the registration number.  I roll over the menu.  It comes up.  I roll down to the 'enter reg. number' bit.  For about 2 milliseconds the slot's there - but before I can choose it or use it, it vanishes!   Now I've had this problem with other software - rollover submenus vanishing - but never, ever THIS bad.  Usually if you're really patient, everything stays there long enough for you to roll over it.  Not this baby! I've been trying for a coupla hours now and I can't make the sub-menus stay there long enough to click on anything to use it.

Anyone know a way to make the sub-menus hang around longer? And PLEASE don't tell me 'Sure.  The settings in one of these sub-menus....!!'  Hokay I'm disabled, got co-ordination problems - but this is the first time this rollover submenu thing in a program's ever defeated me.  Right now I've got a legit. demo version of Augmented Strings but I can't access any of the presets.  I'd love to register it but I can't get at the registration box! Anyone know of an INIT file or anything I could change numbers in to make sub-menus hang around longer? Just a few seconds longer!?!

Yours hopefully



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Re: Hilarious - menus vanish before I can click on them Augmented Strings!
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2022, 11:00:42 am »

Just to manage your expectations this is a users' forum so if no one comes along with the exact same issues, you might not get a response that helps. This could be something worth raising directly with Arturia directly through their Contact Us facility.
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Re: Hilarious - menus vanish before I can click on them Augmented Strings!
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2022, 12:58:59 pm »

The popup menu's should be visible untill the mouse leave the menu or you click a menu item. Perhaps you accidently do this.

However - If you click on the icon with lines left of the preset selector in the header, then you access the preset browser. That browser will stay open untill you click the x that appear instead of the lines. I suggest you try that.

About registartion/ Activation:
Registration of software can be done using Arturia Software Center (ASC). ASC is also used to updated software.
When you have bought software on Arturias website and the software appear on your Arturia account, then also install ASC. When opening ASC you just have to click a button named ACTIVATE to activate the product.
If the software is bought from another store, then you also use ASC to enter the registration code i believe. I don't think it's in popup menus, so it should stay open.
I'm not sure i've understood what you are trying to do.
Buying the software on Arturia website will be the easiest to do.

Hope this helps.


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