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Author Topic: Possible bug  (Read 2115 times)


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Possible bug
« on: December 17, 2020, 07:02:27 pm »
My current version is EII V (
From time to time I'm experiencing "improper" loading of the factory presets. I haven't been able to create repeatable test steps as of yet.
The problem I'm experiencing is when a preset loads it does so with the VCA section with params at:
  • A (default preset setting)
  • D (default preset setting)
  • S (maxed out at 127)
  • R (maxed out 127)
This setting of the params arbitrarily at max for sustain and decay tend to result in the preset playing for "infinity," until I either, adjust the Sustain or Release below 64, most often I must go to zero. Or until it puts so much pressure on the CPU, the buffer chokes and sets the buffer size to none (zero). My default buffer is 512, but I have played with other buffer settings and experienced no behavior changes, the buffer will still set itself to "none." Also worth noting, if I raise the params values back without changing the preset, the "infinity issue" recurs. I can change presets, go back to the problematic preset, and manually set the S & R before hitting a note, and it's okay.

I've also verified that there are no hung MIDI notes contributing to this issue.

I am uncertain if this happens as an AAX, VST, or AU. I've only been noodling with it so far in stand alone mode to get a feel for this new awesome emulation.

If I discover a repeatable user test case, I will let  you know as soon as possible.  8)
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