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Author Topic: Possible to send Sysex files via MIDI OUT ?  (Read 940 times)


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Possible to send Sysex files via MIDI OUT ?
« on: September 11, 2022, 04:25:50 pm »

I have the idea to purchase the Keystep 37 for 2 purposes :

1) MIDI master keyboard

2) interface USB to MIDI, for sending musical notes AND Sysex files with the MIDI OUTPUT (not at the same time), all information coming from my computer (Keystep sequencer NOT USED at all).

In the second case, I would like to send Sysex files from my computer (macbook) to an eurorack module which is NOT a synth (it's a MIDI to CV/GATE converter), with the Keystep in between to make the link between USB and MIDI OUT cable.

I have read in the forum that no Arturia keyboard is able to send Sysex file via MIDI THRU (because this plug doesn't exist on any Keystep), but IS IT POSSIBLE TO SEND IT VIA THE MIDI OUTPUT PLUG ???

If no, what would be the solution to send a Sysex file from my computer to the MIDI to CV converter ?
I was said that these cheap USB to MIDI converters (like M-Audio Uno, or Mio iconnectivity) are problematic, because not well programmed for that kind of job.

I've read the Keystep 37 user's manual, but the word "Sysex" is not mentioned at all...

Thanks for your help.


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