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Author Topic: Detune on sequencer  (Read 2859 times)


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Detune on sequencer
« on: December 15, 2021, 01:11:21 pm »
Dear all,

I'm very fresh with my matrixbrtue, but already love it.
I have a small issue as some sequences are detune from the reallity.
for exemple, on the matrixbrute factory sound 1.0 B2 (light exposure), whitout the sequencer when you press a C, you get a C with the sequencer on, when you press a C tyhe sequence start with a B and then the whole sequencer is detune.
This is the case as well with A1 (NoMinors), whitout sequencer C is a C, with sequencer the whole sequence pressing a C start G and Gtune.

That's not the case with E1 (Ultimate). You can then play with another keyboartd withotu problem of detune.

Is there a way to quickly tune the sequences?



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Re: Detune on sequencer
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2021, 05:44:41 pm »
The sequence is played with it's correct root note when you play middle C. So if the sequence has a root note of C it'll be "correct" for all keys (play a B and the sequence root becomes B etc.).

There is no way of transposing the actual sequence, that is, other than using the keyboard to transpose it on playback. So the best way to make it easy for yourself, (getting the played key to be the root note),  is to always record/enter sequences with a root note of C.
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