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Author Topic: Changing the midi "root" note.  (Read 1225 times)


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Changing the midi "root" note.
« on: October 09, 2022, 08:02:40 am »
I recently got a Cr8audio "West Pest" and tried to use my Keystep37 with it.
It works, using midi, only thing is that it seems that the midi notes start way to "high", like 2 Octaves higher than the synths own keyboard.
So when using the "Octave down" button I am not able to get to the deepest notes the "West Pest" is able to and when going "Octave up" I have like 2 octaves that render unusable. 

My question: Is there a setting to "center" the main/root note where the Keystep 37 starts, that it meets the synth?
I searched through the manual and found two settings in the "Midi Center", but they seem only to apply to running seq/arp or the CV/Gate settings, not the "root" note of the midi part itself.

During my search in this Forum I learned that the Keystep 37 seems to be missing a "Transpose" Option, is that what might be the Problem?

Thanks for any suggestions and Hints!

I RTFM of the WestPest and on the first pass it seems like I Overlooked the "External MIDI Controller Octave Offset" which can be adjusted... ::) Did so and now it works like a charm.  8)
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