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Author Topic: Frequency modulation inverted  (Read 1427 times)


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Frequency modulation inverted
« on: April 05, 2022, 03:16:21 pm »
Here's another bug. Try modulating OSC 1's frequency by either OSC 2 or OSC 3 ramp output. When the modulator's shape is ramp up, the Osc 1 frequency actually ramps down (you can easily hear this for low modulator frequencies), and similarly a ramp down shape causes the Osc1 frequency to ramp up. The ramp outputs from the OSC2 and 3 ramp outputs are as depicted on the knob legend (Ive checked with a virtual oscilloscope) so somehow this signal seems to be inverted before modulating something else.


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Re: Frequency modulation inverted
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2022, 06:08:41 pm »
Yes i have also been wondering about that and waited for what i would call a fix, as i see it as bugs.

In all OSCs all the waveforms is reversed when it's used as a modulator.

Also in OSC-1 the Ramp Waveform as audio is reversed to be a Ramp up while depicted as a Ramp down. This result in the depicted ramp down when used as a modulator, but probably only because it has been reversed in audio routing.
The same thing is true for the Square/ Pulse in OSC-2 and Osc-3.

It's unfortunately not new that things are being reversed in the applications. It is something Arturia should have more than one eye on. It's important for the user exsperience.


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