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Author Topic: Multiple Synths Usage Too Many? (vst)  (Read 1707 times)


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Multiple Synths Usage Too Many? (vst)
« on: November 16, 2020, 01:50:20 am »
I got the V Collection 7 as my first Arturia purchase. Love them, the ones I've used so far. There are a lot to chose from. This is a good thing.

There are some quirks that I'm just now wading into. One, being slow to initialize when the apps starts (Using Reaper). The more instances of the Arturia synths in the project, the slower it starts. While this is usually just a start-up thing that doesn't make a hill of beans, each one is vey slow to open to show the UI. Also, this doesn't make much of a hill of beans either, but it does seem to add up to the point it does make a hill of beans when more vsts are in the project.

For example, three synths have been in use in a project. I added two more tracks and playback started showing signs of being clunky. On a higher end HP laptop. I saved, closed, reopened and it was still an issue, I copied the project to the main recording desktop. Same problem, but it was worse actually. I couldn't play the project at all.

There is no evidence that this is a GPU usage issue, nor RAM, so what MIGHT it be? I have no idea.

As a "fix" I backtracked, split the project into "the project" minus the tracks with the Arturia synths the MIDI tracks, renedered it. Created a new sub-project, that was just the MIDI tracks with the Arturia synths, and the rendering of "the project".  The new sub-project was mostly playable, but still a little clunky - synth UI opening very slow, project opening slow, etc.  Anyway, in there I was able freeze each MIDI track to wav files, and add them back to the main project. Doing this works around the perf problem, but lost is all the ability to edit MIDI and change sounds, parameters, etc.

This seems 100% related to the Arturia synths. Five instances seems mighty low. I have a number of other VST synths and haven't run into this with any of them, even when stacking a bunch.

What MIGHT be the issue, especially since it it doesn't seem related to the normal stuff that drags down projects? Too many tracks, things using too much CPU, too much memory?

I'd prefer to use these in realtime, MIDI, but if the limit is so few VSTs then the only way around is to go the sub-project, sub-mix, route.

Windows 10
Laptop, Intel i7 cpu, 16G memory
Desktop Intel i5 cpu, 12G memory



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