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Author Topic: [Question] Create a Bass like this, either with inernal or paid soundbanks  (Read 1373 times)


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Hi there! :)

I make music since like forever, but as Im mainly a guitarist & piano player, I still consider myself a noob when it comes to synths. Therefore Id really appreciate some help here.

Im trying hard to get a distinct bass sound (or at least I want to come somehow closer to it compared to where Im now). What Im trying to achieve is a Two Feets bass sound, which you can listen to here, starting at 00:25.

My first questions to you guys would be: is such a sound feasible with PIGMENTS and if yes, Is there already a native preset within pigments which can be modified into such a direction OR is anybody out there who can recommend a paid soundbank?

Really lost with this task tbh...any help is very much appreciated! :)

Cheers from Switzerland


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Hi and welcome to Arturia forums.

I would say, that you at least can come so close, so it's fair to say yes.
The sound have to be made 100%, to be 100% certain that it can be 100% reproduced.

I don't know about the sounds in the soundpacks.
I doubt you can find the excact same sound out of the box. Especially with the needed player modulators applied. But i can't tell. There are many bass sounds, so who knows.

I would say that you'll have a good starting point right away, if you:
1. Open a new Default preset
2. Select a Wavetable engine
3. Select the Mini waveform wavetable in the Synthesizer folder
4. Set the wave to be the mini Sawtooth
5. Select the Mini Filter
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It sounds like a very simple analog bass sound. I'd be surprised if out of the presets you can't find one you like that is basically like that.  I think it sounds like it has some very nice compression applied on top, and a very saturated sound, but is atypically dry (not much reverb).

In the preset browser first audition the "Bass" category then filter by type and find the "Sub Bass" type.  The sound you have there sounds like a fairly pure but compressed bass with a sub frequency.

Remember when auditioning the sound to try an octave higher and lower than you think you should be playing and also try playing your own octaves (C3 + C4) to hear the combined octave sounds.

You might already be on the right preset you just haven't heard it with the right compression and saturation and at the right mix level.
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Here's something only 15 seconds away from the Init preset.  Here's what I did.

1. Init preset.
2. First voice of Pigments, change the waveform to something a bit off a sine wave but not completely all the way to a saw as the saw is much harsher than what I hear in your reference track.
3. Add a lot of compression.
4. Add a very subtle tape delay. And some EQ.

Listen to this one.  Play in the range C1 up to C2.  (If your midi controller doesn't get to that range, you can pitch this preset down to make it easier to play on your controller, next time you upgrade controllers go for a 76 key one or a controller with octave up/down)
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Here's a bit more sub-bass added, and a bit more glide and some reverb.   

It seems to me that the glide is not fixed in the track your referenced, so no matter what patch you find that sounds close enough to your ears, you're going to have to program glide on and off, to get a similar sound out of your daw.


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If you haven't bought Arturia's Analog lab yet by the way, you should.  Try this preset in Analog Lab if you have it.  This is a really deep bass sound built on top of the Arturia SEM V synth.

You would play this one up around C3/C4 range instead of around C1/C2 range to get the same pitch.

there's two ways to play the synth game. One is to learn to design sounds yourself. The other is to search for needles in haystacks.
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