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Author Topic: Feature request for VCollection/Analog Lab  (Read 1713 times)


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Feature request for VCollection/Analog Lab
« on: November 07, 2020, 01:42:58 pm »
The one thing that irks me with Analog Lab and VCollection is that when I switch patches there's a pause before the patch is available, and the previous one and its effects cut out immediately on switching instead of the tails of the previous sound ringing though their decay.

There are hardware instruments much less powerful than my laptop. I think the Kronos - a good example - is less powerful than my Core i7 7700HQ.  It doesn't do this, does it?  I know there are other hardware synths that don't do this.

IMO I should be able to hold down a note, have those sounds stay playing, and switch sounds - even to another engine - without having the sound stop at all.  At the very least have the sound switching be faster than the 1-2 seconds I experience.  Even if it's a non-default options (I understand people have slower computers) it should at least be an option.

I've paid a great deal of money for your instruments (and controllers - I have a KeyStep and a KeyLab 61 mk2) and I see this as an egregious oversight


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Re: Feature request for VCollection/Analog Lab
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2020, 01:25:44 pm »
Running modelled analog instruments on a computer is a completely different ballgame to switching patches on your Korg Kronos. There's obviously going to be a delay of 1-2 seconds while it loads up the new patch, especially in Analog Lab where behind the scenes it's likely even switching between instruments not just patches on the same instrument. But I hear your argument about the previous patch not being allowed to decay.
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